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Design a plush toy, starting from US $35

    The startup package of toy design is listed in the following table:

Service Items

Price (Per Piece)

Design 3D model only

US $35

Design 2D patterns only

US $35

Design 3D model and 2D patterns

US $60

Please note:

(1)  For the service of Design 2D Patterns Only, a fine 3D model of a toy should be provided by the client.

(2)  For the service of Design 3D Model and 2D Patterns, if the client wants to revise the shape of the 3D model after its patterns have been designed, additional cost is necessary. The additional cost for one revision is US $15.


    For a startup package of Design 3D model and 2D Patterns, the payment can be divided into two installments.  The first payment is only US $30. If you make an order, at the beginning you only need to pay the first payment.  Once we get the first payment, we will start to design the 3D model and 2D patterns. After the 2D patterns are completed, you pay the second installment, then, we will send the design data to you. The design data includes a 3D model, snapshot images and a pattern file with the PDF format.


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