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Steps of Designing Stuffed Plush Toys

    The main steps of designing stuffed plush toys are:

1.  Gather your ideas

      When you have a good idea about a plush toy, it is necessary to narrow down your idea to create a real plush toy. To continue the next step, it is necessary to tell us the information of the shape and the size of the toy. For the shape of the toy, it can be an image, picture, drawing or 3D model.


2.  Create 3D model

     Based on the information you provides, our designer will create a 3D model of the toy using the software EasyToy. After completing the 3D model, we will send you the images of the 3D model with views from different angles. Next, you will give us some comments about how to improve the 3D model, then, the designer will modify the 3D model according to your suggestions. Once a perfect 3D model is gotten, then go to the next step.


3.  Design 2D patterns

    Based on the 3D model, 2D patterns will be created using the software PatternImage. The designed 2D patterns will saved in a file with the .PDF format.

    Please note: The shape of a 3D model cannot be modified after 2D patterns have been created. If you want to change the shape of the 3D model after the 2D patterns have been designed, additional cost is necessary.


4.  Deliver design data

    Send the .PDF file of 2D patterns to you. After printing the 2D patterns, you can start to create a stuffed plush toy.

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