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    We will help you with every stage of designing plush toys. Below are some frequently asked questions about the process of designing plush toys. Maybe you have some questions that are not listed here. If so, please contact us for more information.
Q: What is your minimum order?

1 piece is the minimum order. We provide the service of designing stuffed plush toys not only for companies, but also for individuals.

Q: Do you produce the prototype of a stuffed plush toy?

Currently we do not produce the prototype of a stuffed plush toy. We only provide the service of 3D modeling and 2D pattern design.

Q: How long does it take to complete a design?

A design can be completed in 3 working days after the design images are provided. Usually the biggest factor in completing a project is how well information and details are communicated between us.

Q: If I provide a 3D model, can you design the patterns for me?

Yes. However, the 3D model should be suitable for designing patterns. To design a stuffed plush toy, there are some requirements for a 3D model. For instance, the surface of the model should not be too complex.

Q: Can we purchase the 3D  software of EasyToy and PatternImage to design plush toys by ourselves?

Yes. The 3D software of EasyToy and PatternImage is developed by our company. You can contact us about how to purchase the software.

Q: Is the 3D software easy to use?

Yes. The 3D software of EasyToy and PatternImage is easy to learn and easy to use. You can master the software in two weeks.

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